The more you know, the easier it is Owning a house is everyone’s dream, doing so through a hassle-free process is an icing on the cake. This is what The Heritageciti Bank stands to offer - making the dream of owing your own home a reality! Whether you are planning to buy a land and build later, or commence construction or buy an already developed home, we are there all the way as a trusted companion, guiding and supporting financially when others fail to. Our well thought - out loan choices with peculiar features to suit your needs, aspirations and financial conditions is a must to experience.

What do i need to know?

*Steps to Property Ownership
*What can I use the loan for?
*What are the loan features?
*How do I insure my property?
*What document do I need to provide for the loan request?
*What about Non Resident Mortgage Facility?

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Available mortgages

  • *Developed Home Purchase
  • *Land Acquisition
  • *Home Construction
  • *Home Renovation
  • *Existing Mortgage Refinance
  • *No charges for everyday transactions – just stay in credit.
  • *Up to €25 interest and fee free Planned Overdraft1.


  • *Interest rate is variable and benchmarked on Home & Savings stands Prime Lending Rate
  • *Available for tenor of up to 20 years
  • *Loan Amount up to 80% of property value subject to a maximum amount of $70m for Brussels property
  • *Loan Amount up to 80% of property value subject to a maximum amount of $400,000.00 for for Brussels property
  • *Freedom to repay loan in full without prepayment penalty
  • *Monthly or structured pre-agreed repayments terms
  • *Interest only repayment allowed up until completion, if property is under construction
  • *Progressive drawdown against bank approved Quantity Surveyor’s certificate Reduced or no COT on linked account
  • *Negotiable management fee… and more